3 Ways To Live a Greener Lifestyle

3 Ways To Live a Greener Lifestyle

Making efforts to reduce your impact on the environment is a great way to protect the Earth. Ideas to live a greener life range from the simple, like recycling at home, to bigger steps such as buying an electric car. Here are three areas you might consider making changes to reduce your carbon footprint.

1. Use Alternative Energy Sources

Many people default into powering their homes with the standard electricity provided by the power company without giving it additional thought, but there are alternatives to explore. Some electricity providers allow consumers to opt to receive their electricity from alternate sources, such as wind turbines. This may come with a nominal extra cost, but it is an easy way to make your energy consumption greener. Another option would be to install solar panels at your home. This is, of course, a bigger investment, but it also has a bigger payoff in the long run. A federal tax credit program also offers solar ITC New Jersey to help consumers offset some of the costs of solar.

2. Walk More

It’s very easy to fall into the habit of driving when you need to go someplace, regardless of how far away your destination is. If you live in a fairly walkable area, consider walking for errands that are within a mile radius of your home. You’ll get the benefits of exercise and fresh air, and the environment will benefit from reduced fuel usage and emissions. Invite a friend to join you, and you’ll enjoy making it a social event as well. To make your transportation choices have an even bigger environmental impact, consider riding a bike for some of your trips that are too long to be walkable.

3. Eat Less Meat

Growing fruits and vegetables requires considerably less water than raising meat animals. Replacing even one meal per week with a meatless option can begin to improve your impact on the Earth. Some people choose to make one or more meals using whole, plant-based foods, and others opt for the many processed meat substitutes available. The quality of these products has improved over time such that they are truly enjoyed by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.
You have many options available to you to reduce the impact you have on the Earth and its environment in your everyday life. You can start small or jump right in with bigger changes. Either way, you’ll be doing good for the world.

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