3 Great Uses for Weather Stripping

Every homeowner is aware of the constant fight to keep energy efficiency high and monthly costs low. Sealing the gaps in your windows and doors is the best way to keep the HVAC system off. This hopefully keeps the monthly bills low and the toll on the environment at its lowest. A small, but mighty invention known as weather stripping […]

Types of Irrigation Sources for Farms

Farming requires a lot of water, which means it’s important to understand where the water comes from. Various irrigation methods are used to supply water to farmland. Here are some of the most common types used around the world to create thriving agricultural environments. Drilled Wells Water can be found below the earth’s surface, which means that digging a water well […]

Why You Should Remove a Tree Stump

Once a tree is removed from your property, what is often left is the tree stump. Most of the time, it will not cause any inconvenience. However, when you want to sell your home, update your home’s exterior features or maybe add an extension, you might notice that the tree stump is a hindrance. Aside from those reasons, here is why you […]

What to Know in Order to Hire the Best Recycle Service Company

Recycling is a critical part of reducing a business’s waste footprint. Moreover, many state and local governments require businesses to recycle waste products such as glass, plastic and cardboard. Often, that means the best way for a business to manage its recyclables is to hire a recycling services organization. When searching for a recycling services company, it’s important to know […]

Improving Your Home for a New Sustainable Age

The times are changing. This is a fact that will be more surprising to some people than others, and similarly, some people are going to be more willing to change their behaviour accordingly when it comes to something like climate change. While some might see no reason to, others will decide that the best, most proactive approach they could take […]

Green Energy Options For Your Apartment

According to UN data, cities consume 78% of the world’s energy and are responsible for over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. Only 2.3% of that energy, at least in the US, comes from solar. Making the transition toward renewable energy at a large scale in urban, crowded areas is a must if we want to succeed as a whole. So can […]

3 Reasons You Should Convert to Solar Power

If you’re looking for ways to save energy costs and help the earth, then you should consider switching to solar power. You might feel that it’s something that only doomsday preppers do, but you’d be wrong. Here are some reasons that you should consider using solar power. 1. Help the Environment Electricity is made from fossil fuels, which can be […]

3 Tips for Keeping Bugs Away From Your Home

Summer is a great time to spend your evenings outside. However, if you live in an area with many different types of insects, you may shy away from enjoying the outdoors. Here are a few tips to help control the bugs so you can relax in your backyard. 1. Manage Standing Water Areas that see frequent rainstorms may develop puddles […]