Holding a Wedding Reception in Your Home: DIY Ideas for Cost-Effective Receptions

Holding a Wedding Reception in Your Home: DIY Ideas for Cost-Effective Receptions

You may have considered hosting your wedding reception in your home, but are you sure it’s the best idea? This article provides information on how to plan and execute a successful DIY wedding ceremony and reception. An important thing to consider is what kind of space you have available, and how many people you could accommodate. Don’t forget, you need to figure in extra space for a dance floor, too. The main floor of your home will seldom provide enough space for the reception activities, so consider using an adjoining dining room or another large family room. Or, if the weather permits, host your celebration outside on the lawn or patio.

If you are considering this for your wedding reception, check out these DIY wedding reception ideas.

1) Hire a Marque

Most wedding receptions are held in the garden, to ensure your day isn’t spoilt by the weather it may be prudent to hire a marque. A marque can provide a professional look to your party and help create the mood you are hoping for.

2) Use Temporary Flooring

To protect existing flooring, lawns and high-traffic areas, you should consider temporary flooring for events. It can be used for protection or to create a specific area such as a dance floor.

3) Lighting

You should consider lighting for your reception. It can be used for evening or night-style parties. You should also consider how you will deal with the different levels of light in the different areas of your home. For example, do you have an office with a window but little light? If so, this area could be ideal for a more low-key party.

4) Employ a Talented Event Planner

A professional event planner is a great asset to have when planning your wedding reception. You can have them handle all the details and work with you in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding day. You can go over items such as how much you would like for food, decorations, and drinks. They will also ensure that everything is set up properly so that you don’t need to worry about it on the big day.

5) Entertaininment

This is something else to consider when planning your wedding reception, especially if it is not held in an existing venue such as a hall or pub. You will need to create a schedule for your party, including breaks. The entertainment should be suitable for all ages and interests. You may wish to consider hiring a wedding band or DJ who can provide music throughout the evening so that you do not need to worry about creating your own playlist.

6) Get Help from Family and Friends

If you are having your reception at home, you are likely on a budget so do not feel guilty about asking family and friends for help on the day of the wedding. These people may be happy to provide services such as managing the tables, serving drinks, or cleaning up after the party according to their interests and skillsets.

You shouldn’t let the thought of having your wedding reception in your home stop you from having one. By simply taking some of the points mentioned above into account, you can have a magical and memorable party.

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