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Top Tips for Making Small Spaces Feel Bigger

Top Tips for Making Small Spaces Feel Bigger

A spacious home is always pleasant, and if you have found yourself spending more in your house since the pandemic because you are still working at home, then you might soon start to realize just how much you appreciate bigger spaces. While some people might be fortunate enough to have plenty of room on their property, others will have to make the most of smaller living areas. If you do live in a smaller home but would like to create a sense of more space, here are a few tips that could help you achieve this illusion.

Decorate with Lighter Colors

While bold, rich colors might look attractive, darker tones in small spaces can make them feel more cramped and oppressive. If you want to make a room look bigger, using lighter tones or even a neutral color scheme will be best for this. You can always introduce splashes of color through artwork, houseplants, or other decorative items if you’re worried that the décor will be too bland. You could experiment with a feature wall in a bolder color if you want to, but this might not work as well in rooms that are on the smaller side.

Avoid Bulky Furniture

Some furniture pieces can look grand and very impressive but remember that they can take up a lot of space as well. To avoid your room feeling cramped and cluttered, choose furniture that is sleeker in design and compact. If you want to see some examples of what styles can achieve this, look at this company that sells expert space saving furniture. There are plenty of stunning furniture items that will look great as part of your interior design but will also allow you more room to enjoy your living space.

Get Creative with Storage

No one wants to live in a cluttered living environment and having a mess in the house is a sure way to make it feel even more claustrophobic. A good way to avoid this is to do an annual clear out, getting rid of any unwanted items to make more space. However, you can’t get rid of everything you own, so if you are still struggling to keep your living space neat, you’ll have to get creative with storage. You can invest in furniture that has storage built-in, such as bed frames with drawers, for example. You could also make sure that the floor space isn’t dominated by cabinets and shelving units but opt for wall shelves instead or using alcove space that won’t fit other furniture items like a chair or sofa. This will keep your home tidy and feel more spacious.

Let in As Much Light as Possible

This may not always be possible but try to let in as much natural light into your living space as you can. Not only will it make your rooms feel bigger, but it can help to give you a mood boost as well. You may want to consider getting skylights if you can afford this investment and they are suitable for your property to achieve this or consider creating an open-plan style living space that will allow the light to flow with ease throughout these areas.

If you would like to make your small property feel bigger, use these tips and see how they can create the illusion of more space for an improved living environment.

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