Top Ways to Improve Insulation in Your Home

Top Ways to Improve Insulation in Your Home

With bills at an all-time high and the cost of living shooting up, keeping your home warm or cool when you need it to be is now deemed a luxury and not an essential. While there is little you can do about the towering energy prices, you can take steps in our own home to ensure it is as insulated as possible, to get closest to the climate you desire.

This piece is going to take a look at how you can improve insulation in your home to make sure you can keep it as toasty or as chill as you need it to be!

Get Draft Proofing

Whether you want to keep the conditioned air in or keep in the heat, drafts will suck out your ideal temperature within seconds. If you live in an old building this can be particularly true for single glazed windows, bottoms of old doors, and cracks and crevices in the masonry.

You can either choose to install something permanent, such as investing in double glazed windows, or for a temporary low-cost fix, consider using draft proofing products. There are many different varieties on the market that should be able to cover your basic draft issues, such as tubular window foam seals, which you can apply directly to where the frame and glass pane meet. You can use shrink plastic to give an extra seal over your window and cover any cracks, and for doors, you can get screw in or self-adhesive seal strips to keep any drafts from coming in through the doors.

Check Your Roof and Loft

A lot of air can escape through your loft if it is not insulated properly, and if you pair that with a damp, leaking roof or one that has missing tiles or gaps, you are asking for an insulation issue.

Be sure to assess your roof first to make sure there are no issues, especially anything that is going to let the damp in and create the perfect environment for mold. If you find you are missing tiles or there are significant chunks of roof problems, you might want to consult a specialist to see what work needs to be done. Simply search for ‘roofing contractors near me’ to find a professional who can help.

Insulating your loft is another great way to keep your house the temperature you want without sacrificing on too much space. Get your hands on insulation boards, materials such as sheep’s wool or fiberglass in loft rolls, and if your roof or loft has no damp or structural problems, you can even do this yourself!

Thermal Décor

A low cost and simple trick that could help you regulate the temperature in your home is to use accessories such as thermal curtains. These work particularly well at keeping additional drafts out and keeping specific rooms much warmer or cooler if you do not have any doors. This is particularly common in old buildings!

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