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Want To Be More Green? Take A Look At These Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Changes For Inspiration

Want To Be More Green? Take A Look At These Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Changes For Inspiration

It isn’t easy pursuing a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. New information seems to arise almost daily that contradicts previous given knowledge about how to protect the planet and reduce waste. Attempts at living a more conscious life can feel redundant when the news reports that global statistics are heading in the wrong direction. However, there is hope for the future of the planet and making more considered choices is a big part of that. Here are a few lifestyle changes you can make in your own life and good habits you can build to increase the chances of a brighter tomorrow.

Eat Differently

One of the most helpful changes you can make to your lifestyle is choosing what you eat with more of an awareness about the impact your food has on the environment. There are many ways to do this.

  • Decreasing your consumption of animal-based products such as meat and dairy will help reduce the destruction of land that is used to farm livestock. Studies have shown that much of the planet’s habitable land is used for agriculture, causing a lack of biodiversity.
  • Taking care to research the ingredients and growing processes of your food can help you to make more informed decisions about what you buy. For example, some palm oil farms are incredibly destructive to the environment and endangered animal species as forests are cut down to make space for the crop.
  • The more local your food is, the better. This is because it takes less fuel to transport from the farm to your plate. It can also be more beneficial for your health to eat locally grown food that’s in season.

Downsize Your Home

If you have a large home, it can be less energy efficient due to the extra fuel required to heat or cool it. Smaller homes with good insulation and ventilation built in are better for the environment. This is why you might consider moving to a smaller home as part of your ambition to reduce your carbon footprint. You can have a stress free house move without the usual worries by planning ahead and knowing that you are helping the planet.

Rethink Your Shopping Habits

How people shop contributes hugely to the effects of environmental damage. The choices made at the till influence the global market, the economy and the planet. For example, the clothing and fashion industry is a massive polluter, both during its manufacturing processes and the waste produced by making many low quality items of clothing intended to only be worn for a short time. You can counteract this by being more mindful of what you buy, where it was made, and what processes were used to make it. You can also buy less by investing in higher quality items that will last for longer periods of time and won’t contribute to the landfill.

Making lifestyle changes isn’t easy, but with good intentions and determination, living a greener life is possible.

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