What to Know in Order to Hire the Best Recycle Service Company

What to Know in Order to Hire the Best Recycle Service Company

Recycling is a critical part of reducing a business’s waste footprint. Moreover, many state and local governments require businesses to recycle waste products such as glass, plastic and cardboard. Often, that means the best way for a business to manage its recyclables is to hire a recycling services organization.

When searching for a recycling services company, it’s important to know the right questions to ask. For example, how can you assess your business’s recycling needs and whether the recycling company is a good fit? What factors affect the cost of hiring a recycling service? Can you recycle trash bags, and should you use them to bag your recyclables?

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What Is a Recycling Service and Why Is It Important? 

Most businesses and larger residential buildings need recycling pickup services to transport recyclable materials from dumpsters and recycling bins to a recycling center. That’s where waste handling professionals convert discarded plastic, glass and cardboard into new materials that can be used again.

Why is it important to have a recycling service in the first place? First, recycling is a cornerstone element of sustainable, eco-friendly business practices. It helps divert substantial amounts of waste from landfills and allows the materials to be reused instead. Depending on your business’s location, state or local laws might also require you to recycle.

Can a business simply haul its own recyclables to the nearest recycling drop-off center? Yes, but it consumes time and labor that are often better spent elsewhere, and it often requires a lot of vehicle space to transport the recyclables. The convenience of a recycling pickup service can be important for smooth operations when your employees are already preoccupied with the responsibilities of their position. 

How to Find a Recycling Service Near You 

In some municipalities, local government authorities contract with a single recycling service to provide taxpayer-funded recycling pickup to homes and/or businesses. Other times, a business will need to hire a private company to pick up its recyclables. If you have access to municipal recycling, your local government’s website should have information for businesses on how to participate.

In the most common private recycling service model, a business rents a dumpster for its recyclables from a waste disposal company. The company will then empty the recycling dumpster on a predetermined schedule and take the materials to a recycling center.

Note that many solid waste disposal companies offer recycling pickup services alongside their normal trash pickup services. If you already have a contract with a trash pickup service, find out if you can add on recycling service.

Choosing the Right Recycling Service 

Recycling services need to have the right credentials, the right service offerings and a firm commitment to customer service. Here are some things to look for when evaluating commercial recycling services:


  1. Reputation and Reviews: Choose a recycler with a good reputation in the industry, and read some reviews to see what other customers say about the company’s service and offerings.
  2. Certificate of Insurance: The recycler should be covered by an insurance policy in case someone is hurt or property is damaged during recycling collection.
  3. Contract Terms: Most recycling services operate on contracts with a term of a year or more, and it can be beneficial to choose one that offers shorter and more flexible terms.
  4. Specialty Services: If your business wants to recycle materials like concrete or brick, you’ll need to work with a recycling service that offers specialty collection services for these materials.
  5. Pickup Frequency: Make sure that the recycler can pick up your recyclables on a schedule that works for your business. Many companies pick up once a week, but high volume businesses may need to arrange for more frequent pickups.
  6. Scalability: If your business has multiple locations that you’d like to keep on the same contract, larger national recycling companies may be able to offer a scalable service.

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Cost of Hiring a Recycling Service 

Prices vary widely among recycling services depending on location and volume. Many recycling services now offer various all-inclusive pricing tiers based on factors such as the size of the dumpster that you select. Typically, your business will sign a contract with the pickup company that guarantees the specified rate for the length of the contract.

It’s important to pay attention to the details of your recycling service contract. For example, find out how the company bills for extra pickups in case you end up needing to haul a larger amount of recyclables than expected. In addition, make sure you’ve given the company the most accurate information possible so that your quoted rate matches the reality of your needs.

Working with Your Recycling Service

It’s important to maintain a good relationship with your recycling services company by following its rules. The number one tip, as you might expect, is to make sure to keep your trash and recycling correctly separated, even if it’s the same company picking them up.

Why is properly separating your recyclables so important? Putting the wrong type of waste in your bins disrupts the recycler’s sorting processes and can result in the hauler adding charges to your bill. Remember that plastic trash bags can’t be included in single-stream recycling, so if you use recycling bags to store things like cans and bottles, make sure to remove them before dumping recyclables in the bin. In other cases, like multi-stream recycling the recycling bags can be left to bind the plastics and make carry out easier.

Another important tip: Make sure the location of your dumpsters is accessible for the recycling trucks that will collect them. Your recyclables may not get picked up if crews can’t safely access the bin, and you may be charged extra for the missed trip.

Choosing the right recycling service is an important investment in your business’s sustainability. Ultimately, the best service for you will be the one that’s equipped to act as a long-term partner in your journey toward a lower waste footprint.

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