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When You Should Replace Your Roof?

When You Should Replace Your Roof?

Roofs are a crucial part of our homes, but they are also expensive. It can be easy to hold on to your current roof and patch it up as much as you can, but there comes a time when just replacing the roof will be far more cost-effective in the long term and much less maintenance.

This piece is going to talk about when you should replace your roof to get the most out of your money, so read on to find out more.

Worn or Missing Roof Tiles

The most obvious sign that your roof needs replacing is if you are missing roof tiles or they are looking or behaving worn. While this is not gospel, and it does depend on how many tiles have gone awry, depending on what the problem is, you might find it is better to bite the bullet before the other tiles follow suit.

You might also find that there are damp areas beneath any slipped or worn tiles, which is a problem that needs to be knocked on the head immediately. You will need a professional to replace a roof tile, and you might find that it is best to have the whole roof done. This will be more cost-effective than calling out someone to fix a roof tile every time one breaks and will be much less hassle.

The Life Expectancy of the Roof Is Coming to an End

A good quality shingle mix roof that has been installed properly will start to show signs of wear at 20 to 25 years, but this number could be much smaller if the roof was poorly fitted or made of poor quality materials. If you have had your roof for over 20 years and you are experiencing problems with it, there is a high chance it is coming to the end of its life.
Depending on what the issues are, it might be a more worthwhile to replace the entire roof in one go instead of dragging out the repairs.

Sagging or Buckling Roof

If you are starting to notice structural issues with your roof, such as a sagging or buckling, this is an issue that can often not be resolved without a roof replacement. It is usually caused by the weight of heavy weather, such as excessive rainfall. Depending on where the sagging is and if your boards are starting to buckle under the weight, you may need a roof replacement immediately, as it will be extremely dangerous. If this is the case, then contact the experts at Brodeur Roofing LLC for advice and a quote.

You Can See Daylight Filtering Through the Boards

Another obvious telltale sign that your roof is in serious need of some TLC is if you can see daylight filtering through the boards. If there is a big enough gap or crack which is allowing you to see sunlight or any other weather reach into your home, this should be treated as urgent.

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