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Top Tips for House Hunting

Top Tips for House Hunting

If you’re considering purchasing from one of the many new homes in Palm Coast, it is important to understand what to look for beyond the number of rooms, size of the yard, and condition of the home; all of which are important. These tips will give you other considerations to think over before making an offer.

Curb Appeal

Your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle. If you live a laid-back lifestyle then you probably don’t want a more formal Tudor-style or Victorian home. Something more contemporary and simpler could be your best option. Consider the exterior features of your new abode. Brick homes are easier to maintain except in an earthquake zone. Look at the roof to ensure it’s in good condition and the style you want. Do you like the landscaping and are the sidewalks leading to the home practical?

Floor Plan

You could be on the path to purchasing your dream home but is it practical? If you live alone, do you need four baths and four bedrooms? While larger homes can give you the extra space you’ve always dreamed of for a painting studio, home office, or crafts projects but you will pay higher taxes and utility bills. It will also cost more to decorate and furnish. Consider how your new home will be used now and if it will fit your lifestyle in the future.


Look beyond your home in the neighborhood and ensure it meets your expectations. Experts say you will have the best view if you own the smallest home in the nicest neighborhood within your budget. Drive around during the week and on the weekends to see what level of activity occurs and how your neighbors behave. Are the homes consistent with the features? Are the neighbors keeping their yards tidy and clean? Is the neighborhood safe to walk at night or for children to play in the yard?


While new homes tend to have plenty of storage, you want to ensure they can fit all your belongings if you have a lot of craft supplies, holiday decorations, sports equipment, out-of-season clothes. You want to consider where these items will be placed in your new home. You can always add storage later, but you may have to sacrifice space in your existing rooms, so it is important to determine the storage capacity.

Windows and Lighting

Do you love privacy or want bright sunny rooms? View your new potential home with sunshine and light in mind. Look at the fixtures and electrical outlets to determine if they will accommodate your artificial lighting requirements? Does the kitchen contain recessed lighting? Is there a lovely chandelier in the dining room? Does the family room have cove lighting? While you can always add these lighting features later, it is nice to have them in place before you move in.

If you keep these specific considerations in mind while searching for a new home, your hunt will be more targeted and successful. You just may end up with the home of your dreams!

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