Industrial bag filters VA are used mainly for the filtration of liquids that normally have a fairly small load of particles in them to be filtered. Bag filters can either be semi-permeable or permeable. Semi-permeable bag filters have a permeable layer along the inside of the membrane, which allows some solute to pass through. Thus they reduce the permeability of the liquid to a very large extent.

Bag filters have numerous applications and can be used in a wide range of manufacturing situations. Most often they are used in dust removal, chemical analysis, anti-static applications and wet paint removal applications. In the last few years, bag filters have been used in the petroleum industry as well as in the paper and ink industries.

Common Applications

One of the most common applications is in the paper and ink industries for crushing and washing. As paper and ink dry extremely fast they produce a lot of aerosols, many of which can be harmful to the environment. Paper bags and dust filters help to significantly reduce the number of airborne pollutants. The air filters in this paper and ink production applications are typically quite high efficiency and produce very low emission gasses. Thus the need for air filters has been substantially reduced with the use of bag filters.

Benefits and Efficiency

Another of the significant benefits derived from bag filters is their ability to operate effectively even in situations where high temperatures are present. These applications include such situations as hot room drying, industrial ovens, closed system metal chambers, etc. High-temperature chambers are generally used in applications where very high temperatures can be safely sustained for hours or days at a time. Such applications require high efficiency and long-term durability. It is for this reason that bag filters and pocket filters have become increasingly popular with such applications.

Specific Needs

Bag filters and filtration systems can also be easily adapted to meet the specific needs of the users. For example, they can be designed to provide higher levels of filtration than standard ceramic filters, as they are more durable and they also have a higher level of filtering capacity. However, they need to be specified as to their power consumption, and they also need to be designed and engineered so that they suit the level of filtration needed.

All these reasons make bag filters great flexible options for meeting whatever you might need them for.

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