How Find industrial energy waste?

Identify problems, quantify solutions, and test return on investment In the case of energy savings, there are goals and there are plans. Industrial facilities in the US show an ongoing interest in power generation management. That is the intention, to reduce the general energy use or maintain the use, but increase the amount produced per kW used. And the plan? That […]

Solar energy, unparalleled source of energy

 Solar energy about to become an indispensable energy is really coveted today thanks to its ecological and economic benefits. However, despite its many benefits, it also has drawbacks. Why solar power? Renewable and inexhaustible energy, solar energy provides free heating and hot water of a house by installing photovoltaic panels or solar thermal power plants. This solution thus reduces transportation […]

Importance of Saving Electric Energy

Importance of Saving Electric Energy. Currently the use of electricity is essential to carry out a large part of our activities, thanks to this type of energy we have a better quality of life. With just pressing buttons we get light, heat, cold, image or sound. Its use is essential and we hardly stop to think about its importance and […]

Do you know waste plastic a useful things?

The idea of ​​using waste as fuel is not crazy, since plastics contain carbon and hydrogen and have energy content similar to that of conventional fuels such as diesel. The consequences of the conversion of plastics into green energy: Sustainable use of plastics – Currently, a high volume of plastic waste is sent to landfills, which has a detrimental effect […]

Purchasing a Solar Panel System For Your Home.

Purchasing a solar panel system for your home is a significant financial investment. Research by talking to people who have purchased a solar system and learn their first-hand experiences. Read reviews by customers on the websites of solar panel manufacturers. Research online and self-educate before speaking with a salesman. Don’t be talked into a purchase you don’t feel comfortable with. […]

What is the national energy balance?

It is a statistical report that aims to record the Total Supply of energy available in the country in a calendar year, and quantify how this supply was consumed by the main sectors of the national economy. The Total Energy Supply is composed of both primary and secondary energy sources. Primary energy corresponds to the energy resources available in nature, […]

Energetic resources

For millions of years our planet has permanently received energy from the Sun, which has modified our environment and allowed life to develop. Today, most of the energy we use comes directly or indirectly from this star. We must save our energetic resource. Energy sources are elements of nature from which energy can be extracted. Humanity has used these energy […]

Disadvantages of solar energy

The solar energy is being used frequently to generate electricity through photovoltaic modules. It is also useful for producing water using solar collectors. Although it has many advantages, it is also necessary to know the disadvantages of solar energy. Among which its high cost and the visual impact of the installed panels stand out. As it is a renewable energy […]

How is solar energy produced?

The solar energy is generated when the solar light incident on the solar panels, which then convert solar energy into electricity suitable for our homes. This photovoltaic transformation is the way to produce solar energy. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at how a home solar system harnesses the sun’s energy. Solar panels convert sunlight into energy. […]