Building a New Timber Framed Structure in Your Garden

You want to be able to enjoy your garden all year round and to do this, you have to give your garden a purpose. If your garden is not well laid out, or well designed, then you will see that it will not get used as much as it should. To use your garden more, you should look at adding a new timber-framed structure. A timber structure that can be used for seating, or even for housing a spa, will change the look and feel of your garden. So, to get the perfect timber structure for your garden, what should you be focusing your efforts on?

Use and Purpose

The use and purpose of the timber structure in your garden are important. When you know what it will be used for, and how it will be used, then you can start to work in more detail on the size, style, and height. So, what is going to be the use of your structure? Is it going to be used all year round, or is it just going to be used in the summer months – perhaps stored in the colder, wetter, winter months? If you are struggling to get ideas as to what use and purpose your timber-framed structure can be for, then think about what you are missing in your home and garden life. For example, are you missing garden storage, or are you missing somewhere the children can play? What is lacking and why?

The Right Materials

You will want your new structure to last, and you will want it to look good, clean, and tidy in the years to come. To ensure that this happens, you must focus on using the right materials. From the wood that you use, right down to the screws and hinges. For example, you will want to use screws for timber projects because these have been specifically created and designed for that use, meaning that they are engineered and fit for purpose. Similarly, you will want to use treated exterior wood because it can stand up to the elements. Using interior wood or a softer untreated wood is a recipe for disaster. It will warp, loose shape, and look messy just a few months down the line.

The Size and The Height

How big do you want your structure to be, and how big can it be? – are there any restrictions on a new structure. Do you want to keep natural light coming into your garden, or do you want to have a slatted structure? You do not want the structure to be lost or hidden in your garden, and this is why the size and the height are so important. You may find it beneficial to mark out the dimensions of your new structure. Sometimes, marking out the proposed dimensions with chalk can give you space to think, and space to see if the size is working for you or if it doesn’t.

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