In addition to allowing you to spend a more active and less sedentary life, electric bikes help reduce emissions into the air.

Electric bicycles, unlike electric scooters, combine transportation with exercise. They have an electrical impulse that minimizes effort but requires pedaling. From an operational point of view, it is necessary to know the Highway Code, but a driving license is not required.

They are considered mopeds if they have a motorcycle-like accelerator to start with without pedaling. In this case, it is necessary to register the vehicle, and a driving license is required to drive it and have insurance. It is also helpful to know that administrative or criminal offenses may be incurred in the event of manipulation by the user.

How to choose the most suitable electric bicycle

In addition to allowing you to spend a more active and less sedentary life, electric bikes help reduce emissions into the air and consequently are also good for the planet. Find out what type of electric bike to choose. It is interesting to ask yourself questions about the kind of use – urban, in the mountains, mixed -, if it needs to be foldable, where to charge the batteries and what range is required. As with standard bicycles, there are various types of e-bikes on the market: folding, touring, urban, hybrid, and mountain.

To begin with, we need to decide whether we want a bike with removable or integrated batteries. The former avoids bringing the bike home to load them and are therefore lighter. Integrated into the frame, they are more aesthetically hidden and are an option more like a conventional bicycle, be it folding, urban, or mountain bike. Then it is essential to look at the charging cycles that the battery allows and the ease of its replacement in the future.

If we do a lot of kilometers, the more recharging cycles there are the better. The most efficient batteries for autonomy are usually lithium-ion batteries, while the cheapest are lead ones. The performance also depends on the cyclist’s weight, the terrain to be covered, and the level of assistance chosen.

Regarding positioning the motor, there are two popular trends: the axle and the wheel. With the engine on the axle, the usual pedaling of a bicycle feels more and is the most appropriate for playing sports. The motor is activated the moment the pedal is pressed, while in the case of the wheel motor it completes half or three-quarters of a turn. For more urban use, they usually go on the rear wheel, although it depends on the model, as some place it in the front to get double traction, the front wheel by the engine and the rear by the pedal.

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