Painting is a great way to improve your home’s interior or exterior. However, choosing the right paint colors can be challenging.

The best color can enhance your home’s appeal and make it feel welcoming to visitors. An excellent place to start is by looking at homes in your neighborhood or decorating magazines.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

For exterior house painting Louisville, neutral costs are the way to go. They offer a versatile and timeless look that will increase the resale value of your property. Besides, they complement any landscaping or roof color, making it a safe and confident choice.

Choose your whole house color palette before starting with fixed finishes, like wood floors or investment furniture. Picking the right color for those pieces will help guide your body and trim choices based on color relationships.

Prepare Your Surfaces

Revamping your home’s appearance with a fresh coat of paint is a foolproof way to elevate its overall look and feel inside and out. However, preparing the surfaces you intend to paint correctly is essential to ensure desirable results.

Surface preparation is an essential step that many inexperienced painters skip. It’s crucial to achieving a long-lasting, high-quality finish for your Louisville painting project. The proper prep work helps your paint last longer and provides better coverage.

Choose the Right Paint

Paint is a great way to make your house feel more like yours. However, choosing the right type of paint for your project is essential.

Please pick up your store’s most enormous paint swatches and bring them home to see what they look like on actual surfaces. Also, test them in your lighting at different times of day.

Paint Your Walls

A fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest ways to brighten a room instantly. Neutral pops of color can even draw the eye upward, making rooms feel now taller.

Kitchen painting is a wise investment that protects walls from moisture and stains while increasing resale value. High-quality kitchen paints are resistant to moisture, stains, and mold. It makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Paint Your Ceilings

Painting a ceiling can be a difficult and messy task. It takes significance and skill to ensure a job is done well. It’s essential to use paint that doesn’t splatter and is designed for ceilings. It would help if you used drop cloths to cover walls and furniture, preventing paint from splashing or dripping.

Paint Your Trim

Painting your trim is a great way to make your home feel welcoming. It also makes your home look more finished and luxurious. However, it’s essential to remember that specific paint colors can draw attention to your trim and make rooms appear smaller.

Local painters are experts at taping, priming, and painting and can help ensure your paint job looks like its home saint.

Paint your doors

A new layer of paint on your doors can add personality to your home’s exterior. Start by applying a coat of primer. Then, use a roller to cover the flat surfaces of your door and a brush to get into grooves and details.

Determine what type of paint is already on your door to know whether or not you need to prime it first. A simple test with rubbing alcohol will help determine if the previous paint is oil-based or latex.

Paint Your Windows

If you want to make your home stand out, painting your windows is an excellent way to add a bold and eye-catching pop of color. If you wish to create a bold contrast or a subtle accent, there’s sure to be a window color that will work for your home.

Looking at the blocks of plywood covering downtown storefronts for months can be disheartening.

Paint Your Cabinets

Unlike walls and doors, cabinets can be hard to paint without leaving fingerprints behind or damaging them. Professional painters know the proper techniques for tapering off, priming, and painting, which can make all the difference in their durability and appearance.

If you’re ready to have your Louisville cabinets repainted, contact us to get connected to local pros today.

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