One thing you never want to discover inside your home is a mouse, but sooner or later it happens to almost everyone. As disgusting as the presence of mice makes you feel, it doesn’t mean your home is dirty. Mice seek food and shelter, and that makes any home a target. Unfortunately, rodents can be destructive and often carry diseases. If you’ve found evidence that mice are lurking in your home, here’s how to prevent it in the future.

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior

Mice can only enter a home if they have access. This means there’s an opening somewhere in your foundation, roof or siding that needs to be sealed. Mice can fit through a hole as small as a dime, but you can stop them by using caulk, weather stripping or cement. Also, check that your garage has no gaps. If you can’t locate a point of entry but still have mice, contact a reputable mice exterminator near me.

Eliminate Food Sources

Simply put, mice will not remain in a home if there’s nothing to eat, so never provide them with a free meal. Always clean up leftover food and crumbs, and empty your sink strainer. If mice have chewed through boxed food in your cupboards, start storing ingredients in glass jars. Pet food also attracts mice, so place kibble in a plastic or metal container, and make sure your garbage is tightly sealed and kept in a bin.

Perform a Deep Cleaning

Even a beautiful, well-maintained home can get mice, but performing a deep cleaning is more apt to keep them away. Start in the kitchen by scouring and sanitizing all surfaces such as counters, sinks, tables, and floors. Vacuum the crumbs from drawers, cupboards, and under your stove and refrigerator. Check other rooms for dirty dishes and vacuum between furniture cushions. Eliminate excess clutter all through the house, then tightly seal your trash.

Check for Leaks

Moisture is a breeding ground for all types of pests including mice. Mice need water to survive and keep cool, and if you have leaks in your home, they may decide to use that as their water source. To eliminate this possibility, check for and repair leaks from pipes under your sink, hot water tanks, faucets, and toilets. Other sources of water that attract mice are pet bowls, hoses, and any standing water around the house.

Pest-Proof Your Yard

Mice rarely show up on your doorstep without spending time in your yard first. Prevent them from ever getting inside by pest-proofing your yard. If you have a woodpile close to the house, relocate it as far away as possible. Remove leaves and debris that have accumulated in your yard, and cut back on thick landscaping that touches your home. You can also make your yard inhospitable to mice by planting mint throughout your garden, which they dislike immensely.

Mice cause damage to homes and can spread serious illnesses. To prevent them from setting up camp inside your house, seal up gaps, eliminate food sources and call a professional exterminator.

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