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importance of saving energy

Currently the use of electricity is essential to carry out a large part of our activities, thanks to this type of energy we have a better quality of life.

With just pressing buttons we get light, heat, cold, image or sound. Its use is essential and we hardly stop to think about its importance and the benefits of using it efficiently.

Saving electrical energy is a fundamental element for the use of energy resources; saving is equivalent to reducing fuel consumption in the generation of electricity, also avoiding the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

Our country has a large number of energy sources. Most of the electricity generation is carried out through oil, coal and natural gas, significantly impacting the environment by relying on non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels. When using them, a large amount of greenhouse gases is emitted into the atmosphere, which cause global warming of the earth, whose effects are manifesting and are devastating.

How to save energy from my workplace?

Saving and using electricity efficiently as well as caring for the environment, are not synonymous with sacrificing or reducing our level of well-being or the degree of satisfaction of our daily needs, on the contrary, a change in habits and attitudes can favor a greater efficiency in the use of electricity, the rational use of energy resources, the protection of the family economy and the preservation of our natural environment.

The Jalisco Ministry of Education presents tips that are easy to apply in schools and offices, which allow children to be trained in the education of saving electricity and modify bad habits in offices, reducing the environmental impact generated from our workplace.

Below, you will find a list of tips that you can apply in your school or office.

Turn off electrical equipment

Establish as a rule that computers, printers, fans, water heater / cooler and even coffee makers are turned off and if possible disconnected at the end of the workday.

Clean air conditioning filters frequently

Permanently establish maintenance and cleaning program for electrical equipment for example, lamps and air conditioners.

Turn off equipment when not in use

Computers and other equipment (photocopiers, printers and lighting system) are usually on all day and even at night. Turn them off at the end of the workday.

Turn off computer monitors

You can save a lot of electrical energy by turning off the monitor it uses a high consumption of electricity.

Take advantage of solar energy

Allow the sun to filter into the offices by raising curtains and or blinds.

Do not allow energy to be wasted through windows

If the office has air conditioning make sure the windows are closed tightly.

Turn off the lights

Turn off lights whenever offices are unoccupied.

Reminder to turn off equipment

Posting reminders helps to acquire this important habit. Make new reminders every so often  to get the user’s attention again.

Turn on only what is necessary

If you work at night, illuminate only the areas you need and turn off equipment you are not using.

Use technology that saves electricity

A company should always choose a server with the highest energy efficiency available.

Optimize apps

Inefficient software, even software that generates little business value, will need to be refined  optimized or discontinued.

Computer center maintenance

Data center managers must improve the efficiency of their facilities to ensure that all equipment is operating optimally and reduce cooling requirements.

Presence detectors

Use presence sensors. They turn off the lamps automatically when no one is around.

Power-on verification

Asking the last people to leave the office to turn off the lights or give notice to turn off.

Avoid electricity consumption in standby

. Disconnect the load, removing the plug from the contact.

. Use a manual switch or a multi-contact from which the supply current can be cut off.

. Use a more sophisticated element, such as regulators, to completely turn off the equipment without DE configuring its functions.

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