Managing a private grocery store takes up most of your time and effort. There are so many shipments of fresh produce to keep track of, and you have hordes of customers every day of the week. When you’re this busy, it’s hard to think about adding extra work to your queue. However, if you take these three actions, you reduce wasted time and increase customer satisfaction.

1. Maintain Your Grocery Carts

It’s easy to forget about your grocery carts because you see them so much that they blend into your store. Just like any tools, though, these carts break down and wear out, and when they do, they’re hard to push. Nothing frustrates your customers quite like a cart that won’t steer, so prioritize regular grocery cart inspections. Ask an expert how to perform basic repairs such as adding new heavy duty wheels or replacing the plastic handguard.

2. Stay on Top of Bathroom Hygiene

It may be counterintuitive, but cleaning your bathrooms more frequently actually saves time. When you clean the stalls and sinks every hour instead of once a day, it only takes a second to mop up any spills and replace soap canisters. On the other hand, if you neglect your bathrooms all day, it takes up to an hour to sanitize them when you close. Also, customers hate to use a bathroom that’s full of waste or that doesn’t have soap and paper towels. Create rotating scheduling of bathroom checks so that your whole team helps you manage this task.

3. Keep Track of Expiration Dates

If you’re still manually checking every item’s expiration date, it’s time to jump into the future. While small groceries such as yours can’t afford the same high-tech equipment that big grocery stores can, you still have access to helpful online tools. Each time you restock your goods, make a note in your inventory spreadsheet of their expiration dates. Set reminders on your calendar for when expiration dates are approaching, and prioritize those items’ sales. If you have different batches of the same product on your shelves, push the ones that are closest to expiring to the front of your display.

You’re up to your neck in miscellaneous tasks and meetings, but carve out a few minutes each day to implement these changes. As you cut wasted time and your customers appreciate your efforts, you’ll see the benefits of these changes.

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