According to UN data, cities consume 78% of the world’s energy and are responsible for over 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. Only 2.3% of that energy, at least in the US, comes from solar. Making the transition toward renewable energy at a large scale in urban, crowded areas is a must if we want to succeed as a whole. So can you play your part living in an apartment building? There are many ways in which you can contribute towards the fight against climate change and switch to a powerful, clean, renewable energy source such as the sun. Let’s take a look at the options.Go Clean With Your Service ProviderElectricity generation is the number-one cause of industrial pollution in the USA. No other industrial sector generates more CO2, and so no other affects climate change so drastically. Companies such as Green Mountain Energy are providing a renewable source for homeowners. In 2020, their customers managed to offset over 81.9 billion pounds of CO2. That’s the equivalent of planting trees to fill 25,400 football fields. Other energy companies that are doing the same include Just Energy, while Good Energy provides clean energy for homeowners in the UK.Hang It From The WindowAnother great strategy is getting solar panels that you can hang from your window. These solar panels can provide enough energy to charge your phone or power your computer. This way, you might not be switching your entire home to renewable energy, but you’ll be making a small effort to clean up the energy consumption in your building. Plus, you can become a source of inspiration for others to follow you and change as well. If you want to take it a little further, you can turn every window into a solar cell as this service is now being offered in major cities.Shades Closed, Energy UpSmart solar blinds are one of the best inventions of the past decade to help you achieve many goals in a single purchase. On one hand, they will help you block the sun from entering your house and reduce your energy consumption by keeping the air conditioning system at a low level or off. In addition, the blinds are made of solar panels, so you’ll be collecting the energy coming in and using it to power an appliance, a computer, or charging your phone. Although there is only one Kickstarter company trying to get the funds to take these into production, there will surely be many more brands to join soon.Every home working, even partially, on renewable energy is great news. Every small effort counts, so, if you think you can’t make the difference from your small apartment or flat, think again, get familiarized with the above options and do your part to help fight back against climate change.

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