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There is no doubt that our world has suffered a great ecological deterioration, the excessive use of fuels such as coal and gasoline have damaged our planet, to the point of completely altering the climate. An example of this is the drought that we have suffered in our region in recent years, which, although it was interrupted by the rains of last winter, threatens to return this summer, even more strongly.

5ways to use solar at hose

To remedy and reverse these negative changes, many countries have adopted the use of solar energy, as an alternative to produce electricity, without generating pollution. China and England are a great example to follow in this regard, but in Mexico we are just looking back at these types of solutions. However, we can help from home! Here are some ways to do it:

  1. Install solar panels to generate our own electricity.
  2. Use solar lamps to illuminate patios and gardens.
  3. Use solar batteries to recharge our cell phones.
  4. Install a solar water heater, so you will also save gas.
  5. At Christmas, use solar-powered lights and ornaments to decorate the exterior of the house.

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