If you’re looking for ways to save energy costs and help the earth, then you should consider switching to solar power. You might feel that it’s something that only doomsday preppers do, but you’d be wrong. Here are some reasons that you should consider using solar power.

1. Help the Environment

Electricity is made from fossil fuels, which can be damaging to the environment. When the fuels are burned to make electricity, they release harmful gasses that scientists feel are significant contributors to climate change and air pollution.

Fossil fuels are a finite resource, while the sun’s power is not. Additionally, many energy sources require water in their production, which can be problematic in droughts or heat waves. However, solar power is clean energy with no adverse residual environmental effects.

2. Reduce Energy Bills

Depending on how many solar panels you install, you could see a considerable reduction in your energy bills. You might even be able to eliminate them. As often happens with solar power systems North Dakota, you might find that your system is generating more solar power than your household needs or could use. You can then sell that excess power to the power company.

To help maximize your sun exposure, you could place your panels on pivoting hinges that have a sensor attached to them. The sensor tells the hinge when to move and how much, so the panels receive as much sun exposure as possible every day.

3. Earn Tax Credits

Even after your system pays for itself in reduced energy costs, it will keep giving you money back because of potential tax credits. After installing the panels, you’ll get a 30% return because of a federal tax credit that you’ll claim when you file your taxes. Then, depending on the rules in your area, you could claim local energy rebates every year. Make sure you talk to your tax professional so you can claim everything you’re eligible for.

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