The question of standard shower head height for a home is one aspect that may seem minor when constructing or remodeling a home. However, this is very important considering you will have to shower daily or perhaps frequently. You also want your family and visiting friends to have a comfortable shower.

Now that compromising with your shower head’s height will greatly impact your daily routine, what is the ideal height? According to industrial standards, 80 inches is the perfect height for the average person. This is because it accommodates people of different heights. Despite 80 inches being the standard shower head height, there will always be exceptional situations. With these exceptions, different showerhead types come in since the standard inches may not be comfortable for people taller than that or those significantly short.

Types of Shower Heads

Shower places are magical; besides cleaning up and rejuvenation, brilliant ideas have come up from such. A comfortable shower head will give you ample time to kickstart your day or relax after a long day at work. Therefore, chose a shower head type that will provide the best shower experience. Below are some types of shower heads you can choose from. But before you choose a shower head, consider your house’s heating system, water type, and pressure. Your budget and the size of your bathroom are also important.

Rain Shower Heads

This type of shower head mimics the rain. The water from such showers spread out in vast areas. Before you choose this type of shower, consider your bathroom’s size and water pressure in your establishment. You can opt to mount them on the wall or ceiling. During mounting or hanging them from the top, be cautious to ensure they hang precisely 80 inches from the floor. This shower head size ranges between 6 and 12 inches, which gives the luxurious rainfall feeling as you shower.

Wall Mount

It’s a common type of shower head because it’s cheap and has low maintenance costs. The spare parts are also easily available in case it fails to work. It is also among the most comfortable shower heads, even though once you fix it, it’s difficult to adjust the height.

It has a maximum head size of 5 inches, and there are those with multifunction options. You can therefore change the water spray patterns using the available options.

Handheld Heads

Handheld shower heads provide flexibility in terms of use. This makes them easy to use for kids because they are still growing. They are also cheap and easy to install. When shopping for a handheld shower, a flexible hose with a minimum length of 60 inches is ideal. The hose length and flexibility enables use by people with different heights, including children.

Pressure Shower Heads

There are both low and high-pressure shower heads. Some models, however, have both functions, which allows you to change the pattern. Their initial costs, including installation, is high and the latter model is very expensive. Low-pressure shower heads give spa-like experiences in areas with water that has low pressure. This, however, doesn’t increase your monthly water bill like the high-pressure shower head types.

Dual Shower Heads

Dual shower heads are a combination of handheld and fixed rain shower heads. They offer two different experiences at the same time. This type of shower head caters to all the height requirements for different people. In conclusion, the standard shower head height of 80 inches is adjustable to ensure a user-friendly experience for different users. Different accessories such as the S-style, adjustable shower arms, among others, are useful in lowering and raising the height for convenient use.

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