Summer is a great time to spend your evenings outside. However, if you live in an area with many different types of insects, you may shy away from enjoying the outdoors. Here are a few tips to help control the bugs so you can relax in your backyard.

1. Manage Standing Water

Areas that see frequent rainstorms may develop puddles of water under downspouts, kiddie pools and in birdbaths and other low-lying areas. These pools of water are highly desirable for mosquitoes and other biting insects. To prevent these breeding grounds, keep pools and baths empty when not in use or frequently change the water. Reroute your runoff to prevent future collection of water. If your property has a lake or pond, consider using a professional that provides midge and mosquito control Sarasota County FL.

2. Add Plants That Repels Bugs

Another way to keep bugs away from your sitting areas is to plant specific plants that bugs don’t like. The strong scent of citronella, marigolds and lavender are offputting to mosquitos while smelling pleasant to you and your guests. Additionally, planting an herb garden that includes basil, rosemary and lemon thyme not only spruces up your cooking but keeps the bugs away too.

3. Keep Your Yard Trimmed

Since overgrown grass and bushes are inviting living places for various insects, keeping them maintained helps keep the bugs away. Trim back overgrown bushes and clean up fallen leaves and wilted landscaping often, as many bugs love the moist environment of decaying plants. Frequent maintenance should also include keeping the grass cut short to avoid giving ticks a place to hide. Having the proper amount of mulch in your planters is also essential. Too much provides an ideal breeding ground for different insects, while too little invites yellow jackets and other pests to build their nests there.

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